Tips for safety to share the road along with large vehicles!!!

Tips for safety to share the road along with large vehicles!!!

Thanks to the large vehicles such as trailers and their drivers who are delivering our essential household items to all of us. But running on the road along with the large vehicles is differentfrom driving near the small vehicles similar to cars. There are also so many drivers who don’t adjust their behavior on the road and do something abruptly on the running road which could be harmful to you as well as for them.

While driving on a highway near a large truck, you are considering taking an amount ofrisk because trucks could be very dangerous for your safety. According to statistics of long distance moving companies, there are more collisions with large trucks and semi-trailer trucksas compared to other vehicles it is because of the driving limitations of largevehicles. 

Have a look at these tips that will help you to run safely on road along with a large vehicle!!! 

1. Avoid the blind spots

Ensure that the truck driver can see your vehicle. Don’t drive just at the right-back, front, and sides of the truck because there at these four spots you won’t be visible to the truck driver which increases the chances of the mishap. Consider these blind spots as the danger zone and you don’t have to travel at these positions.

2. Give plenty of space for two large vehicle

Don’t linger near the truck to avoid dangerous scenarios. If you give enough space to the truck then you can save yourself from is dangerous scenarios like 

Tire blowout: The tire shreds can fly through your windshield 

High wind: The vehicle can rollover your vehicle 

Driver applies brakes suddenly: The truck driver applies the brakes suddenly then your car can slide under the truck which could be very dangerous for your safety.

To avoid these scenarios it is recommended you to have at least 4 seconds of distance from the truck. 

3. Leave plenty of buffer room when you pull in front of the truck

When you pass the large vehicles, don’t cut these off. Large vehicles simply can’t stop as quickly as a car can even when the brakes have been applied at the right time. Therefore you should give enough buffer room to them when you pull in front of the large vehicle.

4. Watch out for wide turns 

Because of the large size of the truck, they need more room for turns therefore you have to give them extra space so that they can take a turn with ease. It is recommended you not get too near a large truck no matter whether there is a need for a turn or not. Don’t try to get squeeze into the space when a large vehicle tries to take the wide turn. Remember that the truck swing wide therefore you have to leave enough space for them so they can turn with ease and you can save yourself from any kind of mishap.

5. Be mindful

Don’t misjudge the speed and the size of the other vehicle and pay full attention to everything around. You have to be completely on the road mentally so that you can make the right decision. Have full concentration and you don’t misjudge anything. Like in case if you are making the left turn at an intersection then make sure the truck passes first and don’t just anticipate that the other vehicle is running at the low speed. Take enough time till when the truck passes and then only you should try to take the left turn. You should also be aware of all the surroundings of your vehicle and keep enough distance from the large vehicle.

6. Pass trucks with caution

While passing the truck you have to maintain a consistent speed and should have fullconcentration on the road. It is recommended you to pass on the left side from the left side there will be maximum visibility. Whenever you have to pass alarge truck, make sure you follow both rules for your safety. Make sureyou can see the truck driver in the mirror before you pass and signal themclearly that you are passing your vehicle. Before you pull in the front makesure you allow plenty of space between you and the truck.

7. Practice patience

When you are driving on a road, you should be patient. Don’t make an erratic move suddenly and let the other vehicles pass on. Try to be more predictable regarding all the surroundings and don’t be furious about anything, be mindful at all the time. Never try to speed a truck that is backing up and doesn’t follow a large vehicle too closely because it could apply brakes anytime and this could be very dangerous for you.

These are the tips that you have to follow while driving the truck on the road during long distance moves. In the end, it is recommended you to keep enough distance from the large vehicles to protect yourself.