Vulkan Runtime Libraries – A Very Quick Guide

Vulkan Runtime Libraries – A Very Quick Guide

Let’s talk about VulkanRT (Vulkan Runtime Libraries) and a good idea to uninstall your Computer. This app, as they say, is installed on their PCs without their permission.

Hence, the users have a double state of mind about this app being spyware of some sort, causing problems to the computers. Therefore, we will tell you about Vulkan Runtime Libraries, is it a malware app, and should you worry about it being started on your Computer?

Vulkan Runtime Libraries – A Very Quick Guide

What is VulkanRT?

Vulkan Runtime Libraries are the graphics drivers automatically installed as we update graphics drivers on our computers. It is a 3D graphics and computes API by Khronos Group, a part of the Vulkan.

Note this: This app is automatically installed on the PC whenever the graphics or video drivers are updated. It is an installation done by display card manufacturers such asNVIDIA, Intel, or AMD present on our computers.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries – A Very Quick Guide

Meanwhile, strolling through your PC, you might have come across the application program folder named VulkanRT. Accordingly, installing this application being malware or virus that can infect your PC, be proved that there’s no need to worry about installing Vulkan Runtime Libraries on your PC as it is entirely safe. The structure is done to enhance the graphics processing abilities of your PC.

Purpose and Use:

Suppose you are wondering about its practical usage & its importance on your computers, note this the Vulkan Runtime Libraries/VulkanRT works to lower the overhead in terms of performance & give users direct control the GPU.

Also, it helps lower the CPU usage on the computers during heavy performance-inducing tasks so that the performance cores don’t max out, resulting in the Computer’s shut-down. Also, Most of you might be thinking that it is a useless application, & you might wish to uninstall this ‘redundant’ file from your computer, However, you should not uninstall it as we have already discussed its importance.

This package is also included with the Nvidia drivers, so you might not notice how and where the installation took place. The VulkanRT is needed to play graphic-intensive games and other things, including graphics cards such as Video Editing.

It is known as a 3D Graphics API, whereas Vulkan is a graphics standard similar to OpenGL or DirectX. So, VulkanRT is present on our Computer for Gaming, and the primary purpose is to enhance 3D performance in Gaming.

How to Locate VulkanRT Program on Your PC?

Firstly, you might want to check whether the app is installed on your PC or not. For this Step, you can check its presence on your PC via two methods –

  •     Check via Control Panel.
  •     Check for the Application Inside Settings Application.

1. Check via Control Panel:

To check for the installation of this app on your PC using method 1 –

  • Start, Open Control Panel on your PC.
  • Now, Click on Uninstall a Program option, which will be under the Programs & Features section.
  • Here, Search for ‘Vulkan Runtime Libraries.’ If you get the output, it means that the app is installed on your PC.

2. Check for the App Inside Settings App:

Plus, You can check the installation on your PC running Windows 10 by only going to the Settings application (Windows + x). Firstly, click on Apps and Features inside the Windows 10 Setting app & search for the ‘Vulkan Runtime Libraries’ in the list of installed apps as follows.

Vulkan Runtime Libraries – A Very Quick Guide

So, Should You Uninstall VulkanRT?

The short answer is NOPE!

Here, many of you might have a question about what will happen if you uninstall it. So, Keep in mind that you will not notice this application’s uninstallation from your Computer, as it’s not a core file needed for Windows’s functioning. However, please note that you may see the uninstallation of Vulkan Runtime Libraries while playing Games as it is necessary for 3D performance in Gaming.

Well, For example, some of the games like Dota 2, Talos Principle, Star Citizen, CryEngine, and Unity and Steam games require Vulkan RT. Thus, if you are playing any of these games, next, it is not recommended to uninstall this app for your benefit.

How to Reinstall Vulkan Runtime Libraries after Uninstalling?

Suppose you are one of those users who would have assumed that Vulkan Runtime Libraries is malware and uninstalled the program, later realizing its importance. This is worth noting that the re-installation of Vulkan Runtime Libraries once uninstalled is not straight-forward as it is not available separately.

If you want to install it again, you will have to reinstall the graphics drivers on your PC, which will install the Vulkan Runtime Libraries on your PC.

Advantages/Benefits of VulkanRT

  • VulkanRT helps reduce the CPU power consumption through batching, which helps keep the CPU free for other processes or idle otherwise.
  • It provides Unified management of computing kernels and graphics. Therefore, eliminating the need for using a separate compute API along with the APIs for graphics.
  • This is Compatible with multiple modern operating systems such as Android, Linux, Tizen, & Microsoft Windows, similar to OpenGL.

Disadvantages of VulkanRT

  •  Vulkan API is more involved in terms of cross-platform graphics management as well as management compared to OpenGL.
  • This is not universally supported, and some applications do not support Vulkan API, which restricts graphics performance in some applications on particular devices.

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Final Words :

Lastly, we hope you would have known everything about this app, which is the sole purpose of this article. We will also reiterate that this application is not malware, and it is safe to keep it as it is on your computer. Reputably, you cannot download Vulkan Runtime Libraries separately once uninstalled.

Hence, you should save in mind that some of your computer games might not run the same as before after its removal. Aside from that, if you have any other concerns regarding any of the points mentioned above about the Vulkan Runtime Libraries, then do not hesitate to comment in the comments section below.