What Are the Gaming Software Trends After 2023?

What Are the Gaming Software Trends After 2023?

Year after year, the video game industry keeps growing and reaching new heights. With online Gaming and esports all thriving nowadays, it’s no wonder that software developers are in high demand and expected to deliver more innovative solutions as the market continues to expand. So, what trends can we expect from this field after 2020? Keep on reading.

Diversity and Inclusivity Are Important in All Fields

More and more accent is being put on diversity and inclusivity in all spheres of life, and gaming and betting industries are no different. An EA research study found that the majority of gamers believe that inclusion is important, with 45% of them saying that they are more likely to buy a game that has inclusive content. While representation is getting better, there is still a lot of work to be done to make it authentic. For example, female players still face a lot of barriers when it comes to playing multiplayer online. The toxicity of the industry and the disruptive behavior need to be fixed in order for the field to be truly inclusive. What is more, other challenges that developers have to tackle are shifting the narrative from violence and making these games a tool for expressing oneself. Plus, finding a way to make games accessible to visually- and hearing-impaired individuals will make this industry even bigger.

Gaming Consoles Might Become Obsolete

Currently, giants like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are dominating this field with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Plus, there is talk of them unleashing new versions of these consoles in the near future. However, even though they are expecting their sales to continue growing, most of them are also aware of the fact that faster internet means that making their hardware as powerful as possible will not be enough. The tech giants are also working towards providing gamers with an exquisite experience while streaming their games.

Cloud Gaming Is Rapidly Growing

While most gamers are still not ready to completely replace their gaming consoles, developers are investing more and more into making games available through the cloud. Previously mentioned Sony has already provided their customers with such a service – PlayStation Now. Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are reportedly also working on their own platforms. This way, there will be no need to download a game or purchase a physical copy to play it. Instead of getting the latest hardware, gamers will be able to use their fast internet connection to play games hosted on the cloud. If done right, there should be no friction and, with a monthly subscription fee, gamers will get the same experience. Also, there is a possibility that titles will no longer be exclusive to certain platforms as there will be no specific hardware requirements. However, seeing as how not all areas are lucky enough to have good internet coverage, some players might not be able to do this for a while.

Mobile Gaming Is Also on the Rise

Mobile games have been around for a while but now they are bigger than ever. That should come as no surprise seeing as how mobile devices are constantly improving and people are always on the go. Moreover, this trend does not only apply to gaming but to online gambling as well. Therefore, as there will always be people interested in playing games and gambling regardless of where they are and the time of day, mobile app developers will have to respond to the demands of customers in order to stay ahead of the field. The biggest challenge will probably be coming up with quality content that is not too demanding on the hardware.

Gambling and Sports Betting Software Are Improving

Seeing as how online gambling and sports betting are slowly getting legalized in more countries, more people are in search of quality software that they can use to earn some money on the side. In addition to making the whole experience safe and secure, developers are also tasked with providing their customers with a wide range of games and functions that will make the whole process easier. There is a list of online casino software companies that are trying to keep up with the new trends in the market and meet their users’ big expectations.

Cryptocurrencies Are Gaining Momentum

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are finding more and more uses in everyday life so being able to use them for online gaming and gambling is only natural. People who own cryptos and prefer staying anonymous while gambling will find this option very convenient. Blockchain casinos rely on a decentralized system that keeps track of bets and games while using no personal or credit card data of its users. The appeal is obvious due to security and transparency but this market is mostly unregulated and an increasing number of countries are looking to regulate it in order to add some stability and legitimacy.

AR and VR are Used to Create a Better Experience

Augmented and virtual reality tech has already found its place in mobile gaming to a certain extent but is yet to break through to the world of betting. In 2020, it is expected that casino operators will look to incorporate AR and VR into their offer to improve the player experience. While augmented reality is a bit easier to implement, VR is not too far behind either. Soon enough, players will be able to throw dice and interact with other players face-to-face simply by putting on their VR set.


Thanks to constant advancements in technology, the gaming industry, in all its forms are in an almost constant state of change. As the demands keep increasing, the software developers will continue to keep up with the public’s increasing appetites for greater content and come up with innovative approaches that will keep their loyal gamers happy and coming back for more.